Charitable planning has gained momentum among financial advisors in recent years. As more clients tackle important local, national and global issues through philanthropy, the financial advisors who work with them can foster deeper client relationships, making charitable giving an important part of their practice.

Here are five steps to incorporating charitable planning into your practice:

1. Understand the Client Benefits
Initiating charitable conversations demonstrates your commitment to understanding your clients’ values and goals. By discussing tax-efficient giving strategies, streamlining donation processes and involving family members, you empower clients to expand their impact by aligning their financial plans with their philanthropic goals.

2. Identify the Right Clients
While not all clients may initially express philanthropic interests, various life events and societal shifts can spark charitable inclinations. Regular discussions about charitable giving can help financial advisors tailor advice to each client’s evolving needs and preferences, ensuring a proactive and responsive approach to financial planning.

3. Learn How to Approach the Conversation
Establishing rapport is key to navigating charitable discussions. Whether through personal involvement in charitable endeavors or by expressing a genuine interest in philanthropy, financial advisors can initiate conversations by asking insightful questions that prompt clients to reflect on their giving habits, preferences and future plans.

4. Educate Your Clients
Empower clients with resources and insights to enhance their philanthropic journey. Hosting educational events, sharing informative content and facilitating connections with charitable organizations can deepen clients’ understanding of effective giving practices while reinforcing your role as a trusted advisor.

5. Understand the Options
Equip yourself with knowledge about different giving vehicles and strategies to meet diverse client needs. From donor-advised funds to private foundations, financial advisors should guide clients in selecting the most suitable approach based on their financial situation, charitable objectives and long-term goals.



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